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Zagg Warranty Replacement For Your Product

Zagg provides warranty replacement for its products. If you wonder how to can get a Zagg warranty replacement for your product. Just hop on, in this article well discuss everything related to Zagg replacement. Most people order the replacement of the Zagg screen protectors.

Before we get into the details of Zagg replacement procedure. Let us consider some Policies for Zagg warranty replacement. We’ll discuss here some of the important Zagg-Warranty Polices here.

Zagg Replacement

Zagg warranty is only available for InvisibleShield, iFrogz, and BRAVEN-branded products. The first requirement is you must have registered your product at To See, How you can complete your registration procedure at Zagg Com Register.


After you register your product at, or You also need to provide your credit card no. Zagg warranty does not apply to products purchased from unauthorized vendors. Which include Products purchased from Zagg official vendors will automatically register when you log in to the official website.

Without any more prolegomenon, just come to the steps of warranty replacement.

Steps to Claim Zagg Warranty Replacement

Zagg replacement steps are very simple. Just follow my lead and you are almost done.

  1. You need to login to your Zagg account.
  2. After you log in, you will see a dashboard of your account.
  3. There are different options like Register a product or warranty replacement.
  4. Select the warranty replacement option.zagg replacement
  5. Next, you need to select the appropriate date of purchase for your product.
  6. For this purpose, you need to be sure and exactly remember the date of purchase of a product for which you want a warranty replacement.zagg warranty replacement
  7. As soon as you select the date of your Zagg replacement product. You will see the complete detail about that purchase order.
  8. After you verify it, you can request for replacement by just click the button.Zagg Warranty Replacement
  9. Do You Know? You can also get Zagg warranty replacement from participating franchise of Zagg. But they will charge you a small installation price for your product.

Now comes the final and main part of your Zagg replacement. After you request is submitted for Zagg product you will be asked to provide your Credit card or Debit Card number.

Well, You should not worry about any extra charges for your replacement product. Zagg doesn’t charge you any cost for your replacement product. They only charge a small fee for the shipment.

Zagg Replacement Policies: Zagg Warranty Policies [Updated 2019]

Precautions For Zagg Replacement

  1. You must mail back your old product within the 60 days of your replacement request.
  2. If Zagg does not get your old product within a specified period of time. You will be charged with a full price against your replacement product.
  3. Zagg Warranty Replacement Policies: New Warranty Policies [Updated 2019]

Addresses to Send Your Old Products


ZAGG Returns
Order # __________
6244 Technology Ave.
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009

Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

ZAGG International
Replacement order #____________
103 Shannon Industrial Estate,
Shannon, County Clare, Ireland

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