Zagg Invisible Shield

How to install Zagg Invisible Shield Glass? Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Screen Protector

Installing a glass screen protector is not rocket science. It is very simple, but sometimes simple things get worse if you don’t know the right way to do it! So, we are here to teach you a complete step by step guide on how you can easily install a Zagg invisible shield glass screen protector without getting messed up.

First thing first! let’s see how you can order Zagg Invisible shield online. Step one, you need to visit the official website at You will see different products there, select the invisible shield HDX for your phone.

Next step you need to find out the exact match screen protector for your phone. There are different glass screen protectors available in the stock. You can select your one. If you want to see the feature list of Zagg invisible shield HDX you can visit Invisibleshield HDX.

After you selected the suitable screen protector for your phone you can place an order for it. As soon as you place an order you also need to provide the transaction details. When you’re done with it finally, your order is on his way to your home.

The delivery dates for Zagg products are estimated, but you don’t need to worry about it. You will get your package on business days.

Zagg Replacement

Zagg also provides replacement facilities for its products. To replace your product you first need to register your product at If you don’t know how to register your product at You can Visit our Zagg registration guide.

After your Zagg registration is complete login to your account and navigates to the “warranty replacement” link. You can also read their replacement policy. So you don’t have any misunderstanding regarding your product replacement.

What’s included in the Package

When you receive the packing of Zagg screen protector, there are some necessary thing that should be included in the package:

  1. A mini instruction book for customer guidance.
  2. Wet wipe
  3. A microfiber cleaning cloth.
  4. Invisible shield glass screen protector.

Installation Steps of Screen Protector

The installation steps are very simple just follow the guide and you are done with the installation. Before we go with the detailed steps lets have look at the video guide.

Step One: Remove Old Screen Protector

If you are already using a screen protector. You need to remove it first and then you can apply the new screen protector.

zagg screen protector

Step Two: Clean with a Wet wipe

A wet wipe is also provided in the box uses it to clean the screen of your cell phone. Only use the provided wet wipe, do not use any other cloth to wipe the screen.

screen protector

Step Three: Wipe with a dry cloth

After you clean the screen with the wet wipe, clean it with a dry cloth to absorb any moisture on the screen. Also, make sure that you don’t touch the screen with your fingers. This will cause you to leave the fingerprint on the screen.

zagg invisibleshield

Step Four: Remove One Side of the Protected Glass

As you have completely clean the screen of the mobile now you can remove the one labeled side of the glass protector and avoid to touch it.

zagg screen protector

Step Five: Line Up the Protector Carefully

This is the most important step. You need to be very careful while aligning the protector on the screen. Just take your time and make sure it aligns on the screen perfectly.

zagg invisibleshield

Step Six: Press Down the Center of Protector

After you align the protector on the screen, the next step is to press the protector from the center to prevent any bubbles stuck between the protector and the screen. And finally, you will get a clear screen.

zagg screen protectors

Step seven: Remove the Protective Film

Now with the final touch, you can remove the other protected film on the glass protector.

cell phone screen protector

Final Step

You can use the smooth cloth to remove any bubbles stuck between the mobile screen and the protector. Press down on the remaining bubbles and drag them to the edge of the screen.

Finally, You’re Done

screen protectors

If you want to know more about Zagg products you can visit here