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How you register your product with Zagg Com Register?zagg com register

Well! The Zagg registration process is not so difficult. The thing you should be more concern about is:

Why do you need to register a product with

What are the benefits you will get after registration?

When there is no need to register your product with

Lets Answer the first question

You need to register your product with Zagg Com Register when you want to make a warranty claim for your product. When you are not satisfied or your product is damaged and you want to replace your product with a new one.

Well, the good news is that Zagg doesn’t charge you any price for your replacement.  You just need to pay the shipment bill for your product. That would be around $10 to $12.

How You Can Claim Zagg Replacement For Your Zagg Product?

Benefits of Zagg Registration

Once you have created your account on You will get the following benefits:

  1. You can order the online warranty replacement 24/7.
  2. You can register any Zagg product purchased from anywhere else.
  3. Able to track the shipments.
  4. Manage your purchased history.
  5. Up-to-date order status information.

When You Don’t Need

When you buy a Zagg product online there is no need to register your product again. Usually, we register our product at to get a warranty replacement for our product.

When you buy a product from an online Zagg store. Your order number is used for your product replacement. so you don’t need to register it again. You only need Zagg registration when you buy a product from an offsite reseller.

You can also replace your product from participating franchise, but they may charge you a small fee for replacement and installation.

 How to install Zagg Invisible Shield Glass?

Register Your product With

  1. Visit the Zagg registration page. You will see a landing page like this: Provide your email in the green highlighted box. Now press continue button to proceed to the next
  2. In the next step, You need to create an account on Zagg Com Register. Provide all the information mention in the picture register
  3. After you enter all the information correctly and also check both options. Now Click on the yellow button to create your account.
  4. Finally, your account is created. Now click the highlighted button of register a product.zagg registration
  5. After you click the button a new window will open & you need to complete all the information asked in the form.zagg com register
  6. Now! you need to find out your product from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter your purchased date
  8. Also, select the Quantity of your product.
  9. And finally, click the yellow button to Add your Product.

Now your product is registered with Zagg Com Register. You can also register your new product with

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Customers Review


  1. I just want to register for the life time warranty and it keeps giving me the reasons why but I can’t get to a screen to fill the register out.

    • Thanks, Tom for your comment.
      Maybe you have some verification issue no your Zagg account! check your mail for access verification on your account. And if you are facing the same problem again. you can visit their contact page and share your problem directly with the company customer care services.

  2. I’m registered as of yesterday when I purchase invisible shield protector at a Verizon store and already need a replacement! It is so not easy! I cannot even find a location within 20 miles as I am NOT
    Paying 12$ For shipping for my Free replacement! Are you kidding me?

  3. All I want to do is register my Zagg lifetime warranty invisible shield. Why does it have to be so difficult when it should be simple. I don’t see a link to reg. help

  4. I’m trying to help a friend register her new Zagg invisible Shield which I just installed on her phone. Installation of shield easy. Trying to register ifetime guaranteeis close to impossible or impossible. Not sure yet after an hour of trying.

  5. There is no way to register my screen protector on this sit. You sell the product tell us to register it but we cant. Whats the deal?


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