InvisibleShield HDX

InvisibleShield HDX is the world’s no 1 selling screen protector. People use to prefer InvisibleShield HDX then just ordinary screen protectors. Because Zagg InvisibleShield is virtually indestructible and Undetectable.

Do you want to buy InvisibleShield HDX for your cell phone? let’s dig some interesting features about Zagg Invisible Shield HDX. As we know different selling products have different warranty periods for their products, starting from months to five or ten years’ warranty.

But when it comes to InvisibleShield HDX. Zagg provides a lifetime warranty for its screen protectors. If your HDX ever gets damaged they will replace it for you with a new one. And it’s not just for only once. You can replace it for as long as you own your device.

So why the hell they are claiming a Life Warranty for Zagg InvisibleShield glass? Is it made up of Caption Ameria Shield? Or is it made up of an Ironman Suit? let’s find out!

InvisibleShield HDX

InvisibleShield HDX Shatter Protection

InvisibleShield HDX has extreme 3X shatter protection. The Invisibleshield Glass consists of five layers. The most upper layer has Self-Healing Technology. Then comes the Military Grade Polyurethane which provides strong protection to your mobile screen against hard impact.

On third no, it’s an Optical Enhancing Layer which gives an advance clarity to your screen. The second last layer is High Impact Dispersion Layer which protects your mobile phone or wristwatch against a high impact on your screen.

Invisibleshield Glass

And finally, the last layer is Self-Wetting Adhesive Technology. Which have excellent optical properties and can virtually self-applied by spontaneously “wetting out” onto smooth surfaces. Which enables very low- or no-pressure lamination.

InvisibleShield HDX Military Grade

Zagg HDX Military Grade

InvisibleShield HDX is made to protect military helicopter blades, which means the material used to design HDX screen protectors is so hard and strong. It can give very strong protection against hard impact and save your phone from breaking it.

HDX screen protector

HDX screen protectors Self Healing

One very interesting feature is that Zagg invisibleSHIELD uses Nano-Memory Technology. With the help of this technology, the screen protector can self-heal any scratches and dings on the screen.

Just watch the video and you will see how amazingly the Zagg screen protector can heal any scratches itself.

This self-healing nano-memory technology is used in Zagg screen protectors which help them to self-heal any damage or scare on the screen.

Zagg Protector EZ Apply

Zagg Protector EZ Apply

You may have faced an alignment problem while applying a screen protector or bubbles stuck inside the protector. Zagg protector is really thin and smooth and also bubbles free, and you can easily apply this to your device.

For more detail, you can also check our Guide on, how to install Zagg Invisible Shield Glass?

Zagg Protector Advanced Clarity

Zagg Protector Advanced Clarity

Another amazing feature of Zagg Protector is, it provides you an advance clarity because it uses glass like a protector for the protection.

Which gives you very clear results. Usually, the common protectors use plastic like the screen which fades off with the passage of time due to scratches and causes damage to the screen.

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