Best iPhone 8 Screen Protector to Protect Your Beautiful Display


You definitely spend some good money to buy a new iPhone 8. Although we have some new and advanced versions of the iPhone X. But the iPhone 8 is not cheap either. So what if you suddenly broke your phone’s screen.

The tragedy could happen to anyone at any time. So Wisely is to be careful. We have some best Screen Protectors for your iPhone. Let’s have a look.

Tech21 Impact Shield ($35)

Best iPhone 8 Screen Protector

Tech21 Impact Shield is one of the best screen protectors out there. It’ is a little expensive as compared to other screen protectors. But for that price, you get some amazing features and protection for your iPhone 8.

You get self-healing properties, glare reduction, and super-easy application. Tech21 have a unique material that helps to absorb force from hits and hard impacts.

This material does a silver job of resisting bumps and keeps your screen scratch-free.

InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense ($50)

InvisibleShield is the world’s most advanced screen protector. It is a product of Zagg corporation. The company claims that Zagg Invisible Shield provides seven times more protection to your phone then without a screen protector.

This is because of its advanced features and multiple layers of protection. If you want to know the features of Invisibleshield HDX in details you can visit here.

It provides you with extra strength and protection against any kind of hard impact. The Zagg company has offered a new guaranty plan for its customers.

If the Zagg protector doesn’t protect your screen and your screen is broke after an impact. The company will pay you $100 to repair your screen. Zagg company also provides multiple verities of screen protectors for all the expensive and smart iPhones.

To check out some amazing Zagg products you can also visit here.

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Zagg Replacement Policies [Updated 2019]

Zagg Invisible Shield


  1. How do I get the registration page so I can register my Zagg Invisible Shield glass+ for my new iPhone 8 Plus? It’s certainly not here!

  2. I need to get a replacement shield for my IPhone8. The one I received is not designed for the IPhone8.

    How do I return the wrong sized shield and get one for my IPhone8?


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